Hidden Message on Diana's Wedding Shoes She Wore When Marrying Prince Charles

It's been more than two decades since Princess Diana died, but she remains a national icon.

Last year, her friends and family honoured Diana by sharing memories of her – she was adored by Britain.
One of the 'secrets' revealed came from the designers of her wedding dress and shoes, which she wore when she married Prince Charles on July 29 1981.


The shoes hidden in homes to ward off evil

Thousands of buildings in the British Isles are believed to have shoes hidden within their walls. But why did superstitious builders and homeowners believe in such a mysterious tradition?


The £1,000 Trainer Challenge

Could you convert a pair of trainers into £1000 in just one month? Streetwear vlogger Kofi takes up the challenge, lifting the lid on the underground streetwear trading scene.


How did my cheap shoes lead to peace? By Dhruti Shah

In the grand scheme of things, they are pretty ugly shoes: brown, fake leather, with three buckle straps and a sole and heel the pollution in Bangkok and three months of constant wear would turn from a tan colour to a steadfast black.

I'd been selected as one of 24 mid-career professionals from around the world to take up a Rotary International peace fellowship.

It involved three months studying peace and conflict at Chulalongkorn University, in Thailand.


Derbyshire pupils wear slippers at school to get 'better grades'

A primary school has allowed its pupils to wear slippers in class after research suggested it helps them get better grades.

Findern Primary School in Derbyshire has been trialling the idea there are benefits to children's learning when in a "shoeless" environment.


Dorothy's Wizard of Oz slippers to be saved after campaign hits $300,000

The ruby red slippers worn by Dorothy in 1939 film The Wizard of Oz film will be preserved thanks to a $300,000 (£246,000) Kickstarter campaign.


British Households Have Enough Unused Shoes To Stretch Around The World

Lined up from heel to toe, there are enough unworn shoes in British households to stretch around the world, according to a recent study commissioned by the humanitarian aid organization Oxfam.


Handmade: By Royal Appointment - John Lobb Shoes

The fantastic BBC documentary in full - a must watch for anyone interested in shoes and shoe-making.


Presenting The World's Most Expensive Trainers

Over in New York City, what's alleged to be the world's most expensive pair of trainers has just been unveiled. A collaboration between New York lifestyle label Bicion and trainer designer Dan Gamache of Mache Custom Kicks, this new model - a custom riff on a Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 silhouette - has been dubbed "The Fire Monkey" in celebration of Chinese New Year.


Church built to look like a high-heeled shoe

Bless my sole - a church in Taiwan has been built to look like a high-heeled shoe. 'Cinderella Church' in Budai is set to open next month.