Milly J - The Shoe Artist

Milly J - The Shoe Artist
Milly J - The Shoe Artist
Milly J - The Shoe Artist
Milly J - The Shoe Artist
Milly J - The Shoe Artist
Milly J - The Shoe Artist
Milly J - The Shoe Artist
Milly J - The Shoe Artist

Milly J is not your average 29 year old, but these days, who is?

Milly was found on a bus in Kingston, Jamaica by a Policeman who named her La Toya. Taken to an orphanage, she was adopted by the most loving of parents from England at the age of 8 months old, who were living in Jamaica at the time. The family had a biological son whom Milly bonded with instantly.

Never liking the sound of La Toya, even at a young age. Her mother brought out a list of names and on it was the name, Emily. She pointed to that one and this became her name ever since. Milly is her artistic name.

They later moved to Bangladesh were Milly was brought up for most of her childhood. This is were she fell in love with the arts. Always known to sing and use her dramatic side, Milly fell in to the performing arts with relish. She thrived in the arts, also being surrounded by artistic people from her artist brother to her graphic designing best friend.

As Milly grew older, she attended Europe's top drama schools and graduated as a professional actress.

However, she always had a true love, a love that had always been with her. A fascination that would have her gazing longingly in her Grandmother's shoe wardrobe. Finding a pair and awkwardly thrusting her toddler feet into a grown woman's 1950s pumps. A love that meant that she would trawl shops adoringly looking for unusual shoes. A need to comment on the shoes of the feet of passers by. Milly J, is the ultimate Imelda.

A lady of a very unusual up bringing has no doubt landed in to an unusual business start-up. Milly J's Shoe Designs - special edition shoes sculptures and art to wear shoes.

Everyday Milly J goes to her stevenage studio and creates, creates with a passion and creates with an aim. The aim to bring as many women joy through her very unique shoe designs. Shoes built up from scratch that resemble many facets. From angels to works of art to nature, to food. No shoe is ever the same, as Milly J understands the want for women to own something no other has.

These are not your conventional shoes, but works of art. The sculptures are full sized and beautifully detailed. The art to wear shoes are also very exceptional with themes for musicians to doctors or flower lovers. Being proud of her ability to create for bespoke needs also, Milly J's brand is stylish tongue in cheek. Something for everyone who loves special, quirky pieces.

Each piece, whether a shoe sculpture or a pair of art to wear shoes comes with the gorgeously unique, Milly J's Shoes heart keepsake, designed to the piece and the Milly J's Shoe seal so you know you are receiving a genuine article.

When visiting the website, you start to understand her brand. The stylish, humorous, well designed and exceptional detail to quality. Vintage 1940s music plays adding to the feel of her cursive font and soft beige and burgundy hues of the site. Examples of some of her pieces through picture form grab the visitor and pulls them into her world.

You can see some her influences from being lucky enough to visit over 35 different countries. From the designs to the colours and themes.

Some of Milly J's services include:
- Individualised shoe sculptures and art to wear shoes for the discerning customer upon request or straight from the purchase list.
- For businesses or consumers.
- Shoe sculptures to mark any special occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, newborns and graduations.
- Bespoke table displays for small parties and events.
- Shoe sculpture displays unique to your business. For halls, boardrooms or desks.
- The perfect customised art to wear shoes for you or your shop
- Special occasion shoes, such as your wedding shoe that you wish to preserve after the event.

Milly J lost her brother towards the end of 2011. She describes him as a creative force. Being a remarkable artist himself, she would watch him with awe and concentration. Moulding, clipping, drawing, smudging with paint brush between teeth. Ruffled hair and true skill. Milly J dedicates her work to him.